Requirements are Fundamental to Business & Solutions...

A reliable approach to requirements is not common place. We partner with our clients to consistently achieve business objectives through a standarized delivery approach.

Industry-wide Problem

Requirements phases are commonly perceived as trivial, are frequently underestimated, and inadequately staffed. However, requirement defects represent over 40% of all rework in the System Life Cycle. This is not a coincidence, it is a problem.

The Dilemma

Consistent delivery of quality requirements is a challenge many organizations face and causing them to seek alternatives to traditional and ineffective methods and approaches. There is a better way.

The Solution

Centerline combines industry best practices, our RRMSM methodology, and our experienced professionals to reduce requirements definition & management churn for both business and technology organizations. RRMSM has proven to be a flexible and scalable solution that accommodates a wide variety of projects, programs, and organizational initiatives.

The Benefits

Synergizing a methodology, trained & certified consultants, and enabling technologies empowers us to: improve requirements quality & reduce business risk; ensure requirements are aligned to business goals; drive accuracy, efficiency, & focus by using a repeatable & standardized construct; ensure traceability across the entire systems life cycle; and shorten the overall timeline to implementation.

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