RRMSM - Rigorous, Repeatable, Flexible...

Centerline has standardized an approach to defining all types of requirements while utilizing enabling tools to streamline collaboration and drive consistency.

Structured Approach

Activities executed within the phases of RRMSM drive the creation of all client deliverables, regardless of the engagement type.


By leveraging the RRMSM approach, Centerline consultants are able to focus time on value-added activities, such as elicitation and analysis. A targeted method in defining requirements promote thoroughness and rigor, leading to higher quality and more accurate requirements.


Our standardized approach, coupled with enabling tools, allow our consultants to consistently deliver a high quality product. Our methodology promotes that our approach remains repeatable regardless of the client, engagement type, project deliverable, or team size.


RRMSM has proven to be a flexible and scalable solution that accommodates a wide variety of projects, programs and organizational engagements addressing both strategic and tactical needs, from methodology adoption to operational assessments to functional requirements definition.

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